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Corel PDF Fusion - Best Price!

Corel PDF Fusion Best Price

Corel PDF Fusion Review

We were very impressed with the design, features and tools of Corel PDF Fusion. We found that in addition to providing a clean, straightforward and easy-to-navigate interface, this convert PDF software app has a number of features and tools that help create greater efficiency and ease when working with PDF documents. The major strengths of this application are the quality it was created with and the competitive price it is available at. It is one of our top convert PDF software choices and should not be quickly overlooked.
With PDF Fusion you have the ability to open over 100 different file types in a single application. We used this feature to combine files to make a single document and presentation. It was extremely simple to open the files and drag and drop the pages or content we wanted into a particular order. With PDF Fusion you will have the ability to create or open files and edit any of the pages you’ve opened. The editing abilities include rearranging pages, altering orientation, cropping, adding text, altering font, adding comments by highlighting certain portions of the document or adding sticky notes, adding bookmarks or watermarks, changing security settings, and inserting multimedia files and hyperlinks. Because of the application’s navigable interface we were able to easily locate the tools required to perform each of the editing functions. It was even easy enough for users who had never before used convert PDF software.
PDF Fusion makes it possible for you to add image files and hyperlinks to your documents. Once your document is complete, PDF Fusion makes it possible for you to email your document as a PDF file or as an XPS file from directly within the application. This is not a  scanner driver, but if you have a scanner that uses a Windows scanner driver or hardware-specific drivers already installed on your computer, then you can scan from that software and create a file that can be viewed, assembled and output as PDF within Fusion.
Once you have edited or created a document in PDF Fusion, you will more than likely be pleased with the printing fidelity. The application offers incredible quality and color matching with the CMYK color model used for printing and the RGB color model used for display on your computer monitors. You have the option of printing your file as a standard text file or as an image with a higher resolution. You can print the document alone or with added comments. PDF Fusion has four output options: DOC, PDF, PNG and XPS. Although some other applications offer a greater variety of output options, these are perhaps three of the most commonly used file formats.
Ease of Use: 
We were very impressed with the design and the overall easy use of the PDF Fusion. The application has a very clean and uncluttered design, making the tools and features easy to find and use. A main menu runs across the top of the application, making several different features and tools available under the following categories: File, Edit, Document, Advanced, Windows and Help. We were able to easily navigate and select the tools and features we were looking for to perform a variety of functions.
Running down the left-hand side of the application window is a toolbar that allows you to create a new file, open, save, print, undo, redo, copy, paste and rotate your documents. The toolbar is also easy to access and well placed on the application. Each function has been given a graphic and is labeled with a text title so you know exactly what you are clicking on.
Help & Support: 
There is a help menu located within PDF Fusion that allows you to access additional resources for help. The menu offers content help that functions like a user manual. The content help tool gives you a list of topics, an index of functions and the ability to create bookmarks for specific topics or functions you want to go back to. It is easy to navigate and very simple to use. We were very impressed with both the quality of the information we received and with the simple content they provided. Each of the step-by-step tutorials, definitions and notes were easy to understand and follow, allowing us to use the features of the application without stress or problems.
Other help and support resources that may come in handy include the tooltips and the tool labels. Both features can be turned on or off by clicking on the name. If there is a check mark by either "tooltips" or "tool labels" the features are turned off. By clicking on either name the check mark will disappear and the features will be turned off. Another helpful resource that can be accessed through the application help menu is the "check for updates" tool. With this tool you can easily check for updates to ensure that your software is the most current version and has all the latest features and tools.
Their website has a toll-free phone number that will connect you to their representatives Monday through Friday 9am through 7 p.m. ET. In addition, they have a knowledgebase which includes frequently asked questions, a community forum, live chat and email options. Each time we attempted contacting Corel via their live chat we found that the live chat was unavailable and we were redirected to email. The customer service team was always able to answer our questions and we were pleased with their efficiency in responding to their emails. Although we wish chat would have been an option since it was on their site, the team at Corel provided excellent customer service addressing each inquiry we sent their way.
Overall, we were very impressed with the design, the features and the tools found in PDF Fusion. Corel’s convert PDF software has the ability to perform many of the functions we found in other top applications. It has a clean interface that's simple to navigate and makes using the application easy and enjoyable. Although the application doesn’t provide the number of output and multimedia options you can find in other top convert PDF software choices, they do offer some of the most common formats. One of the greatest benefits of the application is its competitive pricing. For the beneficial design and the quality tools and features available at the low, competitive price, we highly recommend Corel PDF Fusion as a great solution for your PDF needs.

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