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Angry Birds Seasons 1.6.0, no ads

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Home "zest" of this version - Now for every holiday season, a new version of Angry Birds Season ...The first world - it's "Pigs and Kisses", the theme of Valentine's Day. The world has only 15 levels, plus 3 levels of private and of course the golden eggs. In updating a lot of pink tones and fluffy clouds, along with a winged heart-shaped gifts Romance ... in one word!Second World - a "Happy Holidays!" Consists of 25 levels and bonus levels and special, where you can earn three stars. Each level corresponds to the date in December, that is, Level 1 - this is the 1st of December and the 25th level - respectively, the 25th of December. Levels in the game gradually opened up, that is the last 25th level unlocked the 25th, at Christmas. At present, all levels are already open. Christmas theme - probably one of the toughest in the world game Angry Birds. Basically, you have the only three birdies, so that your success is totally dependent on your skill and luck. Also in this issue a lot of bonus items as gift boxes.Third World - a "prank or treat", a children's fun on Halloween. Here you will find three sets of 15 levels, as well as a bonus level where you can earn three stars. Naturally, there will be many pumpkins are not just in the design of levels, but even the costumes of thieving swine.

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